Buying & Selling

We offer a selection of violins, violas,  and bows for sale. These range from 19th century French, English and Italian instruments to contemporary ones. We have had the pleasure of representing some of the greatest contemporary French Archetier / Bow Makers  since 2000, makers such as Yannick LeCanu, Sylvain Bigot, Gilles Nehr, Jean-Luc Tauziede and Pascal Camurat.

We also offer a collection of fine antique  French bows by such makers as D. Peccatte, N. Maline, F.N. Voirin, Guinot, Sartory, Martin, J.J. Millant, J.F. Raffin and many more.

Our clients have included  Julian Rachlin, Karen Bentley, Cenovia Cummins, Nicolas Cords, Lilit Gampel,  Artur Girsky, Mara Gearman, Clive Greensmith, Christof Huebner, Leonid Keylin, Daniel Kurganov, Sarn Oliver, Carrie Rehkopf, Simon James, Svend Ronning, Marié Rossano, Misha Schmidt, Page Smith, Sebastian  Lange, Cordula Merks, Andrew Yeung, Chen Zhao.

Notable  Sales

Important instruments sold include violins by:

Annibale Fagnola, Luigi Azzola “ex - M. Keylin”, F.L. Pique, spectacular  George Cunault - G.B. Guadagnini copy,

  1. F.Salzard, M. Richelme,  Giuseppe Lucci, Iginius Sderci, Sesto Rocchi, Otello Bignami, Bianchi, A. Faruolo, and

bows by  Pajeot, Gaulard, Peccatte,  N. Maline, P. Maline, J. Gaude, F.N. Voirin, P. Simone,  J.J Martin, Lamy, Barbe,

E. Sartory, V. Fetique, E.A. Ouchard (Gold/Ivory), Claude Thomassin, L. Morizot, L. Bausch, H. Knopf, Frank Napier - Hill (G/T), Tino Lucke (G/T), C. Collinet, Jose DaCuhna (Gold Mounted), Isaac Salchow, “ex - George Sopkin” Keith Peck cello bow, Yannick LeCanu (Gold Mounted), Sylvain Bigot (Gold Mounted),  Gilles Nehr (Gold Mounted), Jean-Luc Tauziede (Gold Mounted) and  Pascal Camurat (superb Peccatte copy).

If you are interested in buying or selling an instrument, please contact us for more information.